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Issues for smaller organisations - Information Security

One of the main issues that small and medium sized businesses have is that engaging an experienced full time security resource, such as a Chief Information Security Officer, (CISO) is not a cost-effective option. The reasons are pure economics - you cannot justify the cost of the necessarily highly experienced person in a full time position. But can you afford to risk the consequences of, say a ransomware attack – losing your corporate data? Trying to manage security on your own and in particular, meeting regulatory requirements detracts from focusing on the running of your core business.  AwareIT recognises this situation and developed its CISO as a service, to allow you flexibility in meeting your business compliance and ICT security needs.  Our service can be tailored to assist you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to accommodate your requirements and budget. We can help you close the gap by providing qualified, experienced people on a part-time basis, according to your company needs.


Our flexible information security as a service offerings are designed to detect, protect and respond to security threats and malicious activity across a broad range of areas.  Choose which of our basic service components meet your needs, and if you have additional requirements, we can seamlessly integrate components from the solutions offerings of our partners:

· Device Management such as managed firewalls, Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Systems, Endpoint Security and Unified Threat Management (UTM).

· Network and Cloud Based IT Security including DDoS mitigation, network-based firewalls, email filtering, and securing Cloud hosting.

· Threat Intelligence and Predictive Analytics including threat detection, threat monitoring and reporting.

· Incident Response and Recovery such as log management, incident analysis, malware detection and removal.

· IT Risk Assessments including internal and external vulnerability scanning and network & application layer penetration testing.

· Ransomware protection suite which covers network traffic monitoring tools, integrated snapshotting and data recovery and in particular, the 'weakest link' - your own staff - we can help with user training and awareness.


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