Your Cyber world: Locked and loaded

Current Projects that we are working on

Cryptocurrency ICO

We are currently working with RainCheck IT, a local FinTech startup.  Raincheck's technology links retail customers' online retail activity with actual in-store purchases.  They are launching a new cryptocurrency called RAIN Token which aims to provide a decentralised platform through which token holders are able to manage and aggregate reward points across multiple loyalty schemes. 

Tokenisation - a growing area for our focus

 There is growing pressure from consumers to better manage and secure their sensitive data.  This, along with the need to manage stringent compliances, has led enterprises to adopt tokenisation solutions for critical information protection and is an area that AwareIT is placing a growing focus.   A token is simply, a piece of data that stands in for another, more valuable piece of information.  Importantly, there is no way that you can recover the sensitive information from the token.