Security Services


AwareIT understands that traditional approaches to cyber security fail to mitigate the risks of the emerging threat landscape. The AwareIT team have adopted a multi-faceted solution, combining the disciplines of network security and network performance visibility into a comprehensive range of services to deliver complete managed security and visibility.

No single mitigation strategy or control is guaranteed to prevent cyber security incidents. As such, Aware IT partners with specialist consultancies to provide expertise across a broad spectrum of security solutions including: 


Security Strategy and Governance

As your business environment continues to evolve, so does the need to incorporate changes to your network, applications and processes. Regular review of your security and governance strategy and is a must. 

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Keeping systems and infrastructure patched and up-to-date is typically not well done by organisations.  AwareIT can assist you to put processes in place to help keep up-to-date with vulnerabilities and keep your important systems patched.

Active Security and Penetration Testing

Regular testing of your network and systems is the way you get a snapshot of your current environment and  AwareIT can assist you with this.  To be used as a successful tool, the process needs to be actioned on a regular basis.

Compliance Alignment

Mandatory security and privacy breach reporting and the EU GDPR are just some of the buzz words that are now a concern at board level. Knowing your compliance requirements is the first step to ensuring you have an up-to-date security posture. We can help you construct a set of policies, procedures and an audit trail, to meet your compliance needs.

Time & Materials Solutions

Keeping internal staff fully trained on point solutions is a serious challenge for any business. Through our network of experienced engineers, infrastructure, systems and security architects,  AwareIT can deliver a wide range of resources to assist you.  From high-level security architecture reviews right down to simple Powershell and Java scripting, we are able to meet your needs. 

Information Security Management Systems

Our professional team have literally decades of experience in building and managing ISMS systems. They have written (and then simplified down) the necessary policies and procedures needed to secure certification (e.g. ISO 27001) and designed and maintained the essential audit trails and evidence needed to keep that certification.