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What We Do

AwareIT was formed in 2012 with the idea of focusing on security solutions as  a service.  As the networked world has evolved, now supporting millions of apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, business can no longer keep up with demand with in-house solutions.   A scalable, cloud-based security  infrastructure has never been more needed.  AwareIT specializes in Cloud Security Platforms that  provide services such as  tokenization, encryption, IoT networking, and security as unified Security Services.   AwareIT looks to partner with key innovative technologies to bring an entire ecosystem together synergistically - where services benefit from each other to gain a maxium security-in-depth result from minimum effort. 


Our "as a service" models

Tokenex - Tokenization

  • Tokenization replaces Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with randomised values.
  • The PII is never stored on your company systems.
  • So there is no PII data for hackers to steal  and  no onerous reporting requirements for you!

Infoblox - DNS Security

  • DNS is a prime target for hackers but traditional security products do not inspect or monitor it.
  • Infoblox delivers appliance-based solutions for business-critical DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) and Network Automation. 

Alsid - Active Directory Security

  • Alsid’s solution is the first proactive and reactive platform able to identify breaches and detect real-world exploitation on AD infrastructures.
  • Provides elaborate in-context remediation plan to secure critical assets.
  • Agentless - doesn't need administrative rights and is packaged as a service.
  • Alsid hardens your directory infrastructure, enriches your SOC capabilities with AD threat detection, and empowers your incident response and hunting teams into investigating AD-related threats.

Red Piranah - Unified Threat Management

  • Red Piranah is an Australian company providing Unified Threat Management products and services.
  • Their Crystal Eye appliances provide excellent oversight of the security posyure of your network; and
  • They have a wide range of Security-as-a-Service offerings to meet any sized organisation.

Dabble Blueshift - Network Visibility Platform


  • Dabble Blueshift is a visibility platform providing detailed insight into network security.
  • Blueshift leverages leading edge data analysis and machine learning techniques.
  • identifes issues, trends and anomalous activity across your metwork.

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