enhance your Cyber Security Resiliance

Cyber Security Compliance

AwareIT can assist with services to help setup SaaS based risk assessment tools that give the ability for businesses to complete the steps necessary to assess their cybersecurity position without the immediate need for onsite consulting.   

Why AwareIT Cyber Security Consulting (CSC) ?

Companies who have significant interaction with large commercial and government clients or who are focussing their strategic growth on new clients in these areas, will have pressure put on them to have a defined and demonstrable Information Security Management System in place, perhaps even certification to an international standard. 

The dilemma companies face is that they are not all in a position to have an internal governance team to assist with the compliance journey - many are relatively small enterprises with limited staff, making it difficult for implementation of compliance programs. 

What do you do if you want to engage in suppling goods or services to organisations who insist that you have an ISMS in place as a pre-requisite to doing business with them?  Adding new duties to existing workload or bringing on a new employee with compliance experience is a new and expensive overhead. 


AwareIT's engagement process includes:

Phase 1

  • Purchase a SaaS
  • Set up logins
  • User training sessions
  • Define and agree on the consulting effort required

Phase 2

Business nominates an internal resourse to work with the consultant and manage the internal process to the business (and project management). Potentially this person would become the officer responsible for ongoing compliance activities.

Phase 3

AwareIT Consultant reviews documentation supplied by the business and maps them into the SaaS to ensure continuity, gathering details of existing processes and defining compliance requirements of the business.

Phase 4

AwareIT Consultant validates the evidence, provides feed back to the business and seeks "Go" to setup the Service.  We then assist you with the setup of the SaaS ongoing processes and customisation of dashboards.

Phase 5

Ensure the processes for continual internal assessment are established and operating smoothly.


This is our standard approach which we find assists the compliance literate staff member to achieve the desired outcome.  Our involvement will decrease as appropriate skills and processes are developed. 

We are however, available to assist in a supervisory capacity if required to ensure the project objectives and timing are on track, and to provide supplementary assistance to your compliance staff. 

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