Data Tokenization helps enhance your Cyber Security Resiliance


What We Do


AwareIT's Cloud Security Platform (powered by the Tokenex platform) provides tokenization, encryption, and data vaulting as a unified Data Security as a Service. 

Designed from the beginning to be payment-processor and card-reader-device agnostic, the cloud platform integrates transparently with your existing business processes and payment providers. In most cases, the integration with our platform is so seamless that your employees don’t even know it’s working in the background.


Because the sensitive PII (personal identifiable information), payment and health data are completely removed from your business systems, a successful breach by hackers and their malware bots results in NO LOSS OF DATA, just streams of tokens that are useless to them.

All your data is safely vaulted in the secure cloud platform, ready to be processed on demand simply by swapping tokens for data as you interact with your payment providers and service partners.


What is Our Service about?

  • Tokenization replaces Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with randomised values.
  • The PII is never stored on your company systems 
  • So there is no PII data for hackers to steal  and  no onerous reporting requirements for you!

Some Other Key Information

· Data Sets: we can secure any data set you work with today.

· Platform Availability: the platform to ensure your data is available when you need it. By partnering with one of the industry-leading secure cloud providers, continues to enhance our redundancy, availability, and scalability for your needs.

· Deployment Models: you can choose between lower-cost, high-efficiency multitenant hosting of data vaults and tokenization processing, or dedicated single-tenant hosting for high-volume, multinational enterprises.

· Platform Services: tokenization and data-vaulting implementations have the professional guidance and project planning resources you need to successfully remove sensitive data from your systems, lower the overall cost of PCI compliance, and reduce the risk of data theft.


Tokenization vs Encryption

They are not the same thing!

With encryption, sensitive data remains in your business systems - it's encrypted (and of course, can be decrypted).  With tokenization, sensitive data is replaced with randomized values in the same format and then completely removed from your business systems and securely vaulted offsite.

For a more detailed description of the differences, grab the short comparison document, below.

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